Do you know all four “sub-parts” of Past Tense well? Easy tutorial here

Past Indefinite Tense (Second form of verb used)

He played (Second form of “play” is used”
The above sentence is a “Past Indefinite Tense “ and it is also called as “Simple Past Tense


Another example

  • She drank the juice (Second form of “drink” is used”)
    They went to the park (Second form of “Go” is used)

Past Continuous Tense (First form of verb+ing)

He is playing

(First form of verb + ING is used (PLAY+ing)

She is drinking the juice

(First form of verb + ING is used (DRINK+ing)

They are going to the park

(First form of verb + ING is used (GO+ing)


Past Perfect Tense (Had + Third form of Verb)

He had played

(Had + third form of verb PLAY which is “PLAYED”)

She had drunk the juice

(Had + third form of verb DRINK which is “DRUNK”)

They had gone to the park

(Had + third form of verb GO which is “GONE”)


Past Perfect Continuous Tense (Had + Third form of Verb+ time)

Since/For is used for mentioning of time

He had been playing since morning
She has been drinking the juice for 2 hours
They had been going to park for 3 days


Places where “SINCE” is used
“Since” is used for a specific time
Since morning/afternoon/evening etc


Places where “FOR” is used
“FOR” is used in those places, where specific time isn’t clear
For two hours
For 2 weeks
For 2 years



The main difference is “PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS TENSE WILL BE MENTIONING ABOUT TIME (in the above examples)

  • In Past Perfect Tense – No mention of time

For example:- He had been playing

  • In Past Perfect Continuous Tense – Time is mentioned

For example :- He had been playing since morning

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