Where to use “BELOW” or “Under”

Where to use Below & Under

Below is preferred when one thing is not directly under another- All the common uses of below are related to the idea of “lower or less than,” as in these examples:

The sun disappeared below the horizon. (NOT The sun disappeared under the horizon.)
The climbers stopped several hundred meters below the top of the mountain.
While measuring temperature and height we use below.

• It is 5 degrees below zero (less than)
• This place is below above sea level

Under is preferred when something is covered by what is over it.
My slippers are lying under the bed (no touching, no movement)
The shoe polish is lying under the table (no touching, no movement)
The boat passes under the bridge (movement)

“Under” can also be used in the following cases where there is some sort of control , like in the following cases:-
The school is under new management
The force captured three men , under the command of seniors

To mean ‘less than’ or ‘younger than’ we use under.
There were under 30 students in the auditorium today
You can say “There were below 30 students in the auditorium today
No one is allowed to drive under 18
You can say “You can’t be eligible for a driving license, if you are below 18”

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