How do I write a good letter asking for an internship?

Letter asking for an internship

The HR Manager,
X Company,
Y Address
Z Address

Subject – (Applying for internship in your esteemed organisation)

This is X (Your name) and I am doing MBA in Human Recourse Management with 98 percentile in the second year from X University .
Considering the level of expertise which I have gained from the university, it will be my honor to work as an intern in your reputed organisation which already has a specific department .

Being a meritorious student, I have always been a quick learner and due to my capabilities, my marks also give a sneak peak about the level of information, I have in the desired field.

Your organisation has always respected innovation and young talent and there can’t be a better platform where I also foresee my future. I count it to be a first step, which is also referred as a “stepping stone”

Yes, I have always dreamt of working in a booming environment under the able guidance of talented, hardworking, knowledgeable,and dedicated seniors.

I would like to discuss with you any internship opportunities based on the time of your convenience.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully,
X (Your name with signature)
Y (Your Designation
Contact Number

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