How do I write a letter to the company, after taking leave

Informing “afterwards” is usually the phase, when you couldn’t inform before. Obviously, it is an emergency situation, where you couldn’t inform before.

So, based on the unforeseen situation, you are writing the letter to the company HR / manager, or School Principal  based on the recommendation of a doctor.

  1. Yes, write down the things which the doctor has told to you and the number of days of leave, you are being told by him/her

  2. Also, it is even better, if you attach a Medical Leave Certificate along with the letter
  3. There are few exception cases, if the doctor has told you that he will check the progress of your health for telling the specific dates, then you should tell also.


The HR,

X Company,

Y Area,

Z city

Subject (Intimation about leave due to fever)


This is X (your name + Designation) wish to inform you that due to sudden high fever followed by vomiting, I have no choice, but to take urgent leave. Since, the doctor advised me to take complete rest for 3 days from 19th January, 2018 till 21st January, 2018.


I had also informed on the number (mention the number)

Now, as I have re-joined, as part of my professional duty, I am also mentioning the same through a written letter.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

X Name

y Designation

Z (your Signature and Date)

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