How to use “Neither” – Ans rqstd by Aarti Kashyap of English Teacher group

Aarti Kashyap, a member of English Teacher group wants to know the correct use of “NEITHER” in a sentence

Here is the detailed answer:-

Use of Neither

Neither is used for creating a negative statement. 

Always use Singular Verb with Neither

Neither ice-cream tastes good.
Neither doctor is meant to cure your disease
Neither city is worth visiting
Neither book is interesting


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Other examples

Neither parent paid the visit on the occasion

Neither party dress fitted her, which was quite strange as she purchased carefully

Neither examination dates will be of use to me, as I won’t be able to make, as it is clashing with the dates of an important competitive exam


Use of NEITHER , with regards to question and answer session

Q, Which pen do you prefer, blue or black?
Ans. Neither of them. I already have one, thanks for asking

Q. Where would you like to visit, Dubai or Mumbai?

Ans. Neither, as I already visited both of them, thanks for asking

Q. Whom will you vote in the upcoming elections??
Ans. Neither of them, as both of them are corrupt.


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Q. Use of NEITHER and NOR (Staring the sentence with Neither)

Neither is also paired with NOR as a conjunction.

Neither Alex nor his wife told me the truth about the incident as I was in dark for a long time.
Neither Kolkata nor Chennai went to the finals of IPL

Neither he has done the work, nor he is planning to do now

Neither he has slept in the past so, early, nor he is going to sleep right now. (He may take another two hours)

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Neither is also used in the middle of sentences :-

I am neither a fan of him nor her, as I don’t watch movies
He is neither supportive of this community, nor that one, as he believes, both are same


Common Errors associated with NEITHER, you should take care

While referring about “two people” or “two things”, we use NEITHER

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Bikes and cars have their own importance for commuting, neither of them should replace the other (Don’t use NONE OF THEM)

Phones and messages have their own importance, neither of them can be replaced or substituted for each other

Trains and airlines have their own importance while undergoing journey, neither of them can be substituted for one another


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