Which is correct, I am going to a walk or I am going for a walk?

I am going for a walk  (correct)
Let’s read the following post, to know the reason


Use of TO

“TO” is used for a specific direction and the direct has to be clear
For example,
I am going to school (direction is clear, so we are using TO)
I am going to meet you (Direct is clear, as I am going to meet you)

But, If I say
I am going to somewhere (wrong)

I am going to somewhere (we will omit “TO”, as direction is not clear)

Just say
I am going somewhere


Direction – Use of TO

I am going to Dubai


Purpose of Visit – Use of TO

I am going to visit him
I am going to submit the assighment
I am going to get my child new uniform
I want to get the house-hold chores done
We ran to catch the flight


Determines the time period- Use of TO

He works from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

I work from 7:am to 3:pm


Shows the limit- Use of TO

The tank was full to the top




Use of FOR

FOR is used for belongingness

For ex.

The place is suitable for marriage party
I prepared mouth watering dinner for you
She is continuously exercise for the final round
Now, you are married, I wish the best for your life


Express benefit for a person -FOR

Can you hold this book for me


Indicates the duration of time

I work for 9 hours a day
He is engaged in work for 12 hours a day
He was popular for many decades
I attended the university for 3 years


Shows the distance

He ran for 6 miles yesterday







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