Writing a letter to the collector to take appointment

I am writing the following letter to the Collector requesting him/her for an appointment
Hope, it helps every single one of you.

The Collector ,
XX District,
Aliganj, Lucknow

Subject (Request for an appointment )

I am Mr. / Mrs. X , Principal of Delhi Public School, R.K Puram Branch, New Delhi.(Your name, designation school name and city name). I humbly request for your time with regards to helping the students  of Class 12th get a sense of Indian Administrative Services.

This is done to help them understand the need of various professions working towards enhancing and straightening the Indian democracy.

I will request you to personally give 45 minutes of your valuable time on any available dates from 1st of April to 25th April, 2018, based on your convenience.

Out students would love to interact with you, so that they can get their queries and curiosities addressed.

This, will help students know about the functioning of the department as well, where they would most probably be applying in their later part of their years.


I will be highly obliged,
Thank You in advance,

Arpita Sharma
Class 10th Student


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