Writing an application for a new admission in school

I am writing the following letter to the Principal requesting him/her for a new admission in school

Here, it is important to mention

  1. The class you want to take admission
  2. Also mention about your academic performance of previous years
  3. It is also important to mention the reason of taking admission in a new school
  4. Mention your number also, so that you can be contacted 


I have followed all these points beautifully and created an informative letter below.


The Headmaster,
City Montessori School,
Aliganj, Lucknow
Subject (Requesting for a new admission in your esteemed school)


This is Mr. X and I humbly request for the admission of my son Arpit Sharma in your esteemed school in class 6th.

I am pleases to say that my school has performed well academically uptill now.
Due to change in location,  we have got a new address now and your school is the  best one in our vicinity.

I want this budding talent to get quality education under the able guidance of experienced teachers.

As proud parents, I am sure, he will make your school proud as well.
We will be highly obliged, as you grant us request.

I will like to take an appointment, based on the time of your convenience

Looking forward for a positive reply,

Thank You in advance,
Mr. X
Y Colony, Z City

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