Writing a letter to the school principal for granting time to submit a birth certificate

This is the letter, which I am writing where as a parent, I am requesting the Principal, to grant me 3 days to submit the birth certificate of my daughter

You need to mention the following things:-

1. Reason for the delay in submitting the Birth certificate?
2. Mention the date on which you will be able to submit it?

Now, I am creating a letter for you:-

The Principal,
Y Area,
Z city
Subject (Requesting for 3 days of time, for submitting the birth certificate of my daughter)

This is Mr. X father of Arpita of class Playgroup A , requests you to kindly allow me two days time for submitting my daughter’s birth certificate.

As per the conversation which I had, with the concerned Hospital, there is a delay from the staff members, but they will be issuing the birth certificate within 2 days. The delay was due to prevailing Government holiday.

Hence, this is the time which I have to request for.

Based on the conversation with the medical team, I will submit the Birth certificate on 26th April, 2018

Thank You in advance,

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully,
Guardian’s Name
Daughter’s Name
Your Signature and Date

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