Tell me about your weakness. What to reply to the interviewer?


As an experienced recruiter, I have often seen even the most successful candidates stumbling on the question
“What is the biggest weakness” and are often tensed due to which they are unable to find constructive words and subsequently hamper their chance of bagging a lucrative job
The interview process is already tensed for many, where presenting your weaknesses (at the face of it) may not be good idea.
Through the following post, I am going to remove your tension by giving you detailed professional answers to help you.

Yes, they are actually kept in mind not to hurt your job prospects 


You need to only tell those weakness which is easier to be fixed and you also have to mention the current steps which you are actually taking to remove them.

Sweets weakness which you can tell without stressing out

Sweat Weakness – 1

Getting nervous while addressing large people

I get nervous while speaking in a gathering –  (easy to be fixed, so you can easily mention)

A big strength of people usually face such a predicament where they generally haven’t got requisite exposure to speak in a gathering.
Hence, you can greatly mention this CUTE WEAKNESS.

How, will you overcome

I will surely overcome it, through regular practise and skills

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Sweat Weakness – 2

I am very much occupied and dedicated in the work I do
Due to dedication and seriousness, I am not able to give required time to my family. Since, I am often busy working.

(This will send a positive perception to your employee, due to your sweat weakness)


Sweat Weakness – 3

I often have a desire to strongly stand with the person who has been victimised. Yes, to the extent that my professional life suffers. I have to be more careful


How will you overcome?

I need to be more professional in my approach, where my duties to my company doesn’t hamper.


Sweat Weakness – 4

I was too impatient with people who backbite

Earlier, I used to be very angry on hearing about people who are speaking ill about me behind my back but now, I have a more positive thought process.

How will you overcome ?

I try to be in the list of motivated and inspired people and thus channelising their positive energy in my life and it shows in the energetic way I work and live.



Sweat Weakness – 5

Lack of time management skills

I used to unnecessarily delay projects for the last hour but as I gained experience, I now do the work on priority basis as this gives me happiness and I am now tension free.


Sweat Weakness – 6

I channelise  energy in one project

There have been so many instances where I involved a lot of time working on a specific project which wasn’t fully meant to be according to my calibre. This is where team-spirit comes into play.. Little did I realise that I would have asked help from my colleagues as per their illiberal. Not only I could have saved a lot of time but eventually I could have utilised this time in doing the work according to my calibre.

How will you overcome?

Mistakes happen and I have realised, that working as a team, will ensure speedy removal of issues

Sweet weakness – 7

I was often liberal in my approach

Due to my soft and liberal nature, few people used to take me for granted, but I have come of age as a mix of “liberal+strict” person.

How will you overcome ?

Earlier,  people in the professional arena (to whom I was accountable) used to shrug of their responsibilities but now, it is not the case. Professionalism to me comes  with loads of responsibilities.

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