Letter to HR enquiring about available job vacancies

Letter to HR enquiring about available job vacancies

If you want to write an application letter, seeking for a job opportunity, then here is the format, which you should follow.

Yes, I have mentioned about different aspects such as the following:-

To whom the letter should be addressed?
What details you should provide about yourself?
It is also important to ask for an appointment, based on the time of convenience

and many more imp things, I have mentioned

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Letter enquiring about available job vacancies

The HR Manager,

X Company,
Y Address
Z Address

Subject – (Enquiring for available job vacancies )

This is X (Your name) and I am a post graduate ( MBA) in Human Recourse Management with 98 percentile from X University .
Considering the level of expertise which I have gained from the university, it will be my honor to work in your reputed organisation based on the available vacancy

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Being a meritorious student, I have always been a quick learner and due to my capabilities, my marks also give a sneak peak about the level of information, I have in the desired field.

Your organisation has always respected innovation and young talent and there can’t be a better platform where I also foresee my future. I count it to be a first step, which is also referred as a “stepping stone”

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Yes, I have always dreamt of working in a booming environment under the able guidance of talented, hardworking, knowledgeable,and dedicated seniors.

I would like to discuss with you vacancies based on the time of your convenience.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully,
X (Your name with signature)
Y (Your Designation
Contact Number(Mention your number)

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