How can I write a letter requesting the Principal for a new teacher at the earliest?

It is a formal letter

You need to tell the reason for writing letter to the Principal to appoint a new teacher

  • Is it because, your existing teacher isn’t able to teach properly? If YES, then you need to tell the reason as to what exactly you are facing problem in.

Aren’t you able to understand the concepts or what?

  • Did you try to talk to your teacher about making things work, before writing the letter to the Principal?  It is important because, before when you are writing the letter to the HIGHEST AUTHORITY, all the class students should collectively make efforts as per your capabilities.

After all, the PRINCIPAL will ask you, about the steps or efforts, you (along with other students of the class) made

Now, based on the above questions, I am writing the following letter:-


Well, let’s start

I am writing the following letter requesting the Principal to appoint a new teacher

The Principal,

City Montessori School,

Aliganj, Lucknow

Subject (Requesting the Principal to appoint a new teacher )


I am X (Your name) student of Class 11th – A, sadly inform you about the lack of seriousness, which the concerned teacher Mrs. X has in class.

As students, we always have immense respect to elders  and more so, for teachers who are the biggest source of enlightenment. Unfortunately, our own teacher lacks the way to teach professionally,

Yes, the following letter is regards to the vision with which the students have enrolled in such a prestigious institution and Class 11th being the deciding class for us gains even greater significance. Since, next year, we will have our boards.

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Sadly, none of such a thing seems to be happening.  Five months have already passed. My class friends and I tried to talk to the teacher , regarding her teaching method, but it seems that she is unable to practically express things in a manner, which we understand.

We don’t doubt her capabilities, but as long as her method doesn’t clear our concepts, then we are sorry.

This is not just the voice of us, but of all the students in the class, who are still optimistic from you.

Being the principal, we are writing the letter to appoint a new teacher with proven record of teaching in a college.

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Yes, we request you to kindly appoint a teacher as soon as possible and help us to save ourselves from the confusion and uncertainty which is looming large, as the time now is limited

We are sure, that your college is a renowned one, and even we want its reputation to increase, as each one of us get placed in reputed organizations.

Sir, it is time for you to think and take decision. All of us are a family of such an esteemed college.  We are behind you to take the name of this prestigious educational institutional institution to heights.

You can post the requirement on a leading daily and I am sure, you will get many favorable responses form experienced teachers.

Sir, we know that the institution is known with your perseverance and hard-work and I am sure, you will be taking due remedial measures, as soon as possible.

I am looking forward for your favorable response,

I will be highly obliged,

Thank You in advance ,


Arpita Sharma

Class 10th Student



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