How to write a good letter of recommendation?


How to ask for TEACHER’S RECOMMENDATION over email?


Introduce yourself and write in the following manner:-


This is Arpita Sharma, your student from Sixth Semester B.S c Batch. I am honored to inform you that I am going to apply for the post of X in Y Department, in few days.

Considering such a reputed organization, your exemplary teaching method and willingness to always help me, has helped me to clear the concepts and apply in such a reputed organization.

I need your recommendation and that will further consolidate my chances for this job.

You always have been very helpful and motivating and I will always be indebted you.

If you want to write a good recommendation letter, then read below the post.




Now, let’s begin writing a letter

Is your employee requesting for a LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION?

It is to note that RECOMMENDATION LETTERS carry a lot of weight as they give an actual position about the past work experience of an individual

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After all, who else will be in a better position to tell than his/her previous employer

Here, I would like to say, that if you really want to write a letter of recommendation, then only write and make his/her case stronger which will fetch him/her a suitable job or else politely deny, than giving a lukewarm response.

Let’s take a look at what you are supposed to write as an effective letter supporting a job applicant.

Based on the specific requirement of the job, you should write qualities which match with the nature of job, your ex employee is going to enroll himself/herself
For ex. His skills.
Also, take a look at the copy of resume



Mr. A

XYZ corporation LTD.

Napian Road,



This is Mr. X from Y organization and this letter is with regards to Sameer Adil who has applied for the position of Marketing Executive in your esteemed organization.

I am quite pleased to say that Sameer has equally worked in my organization for the same position after completing his MBA (marketing) from XYZ University in 2017.

We were looking for a candidate who excels in communication with networking skills and can work in extremely tiring situations and create a positive response amongst his staff and his selection in the organization gave us the same exuberance.

Sameer Adil’s extremely professional nature has create a positive and motivating influence in the team. Yes, he was ready to stand for the challenges and his superb communication skills brought a lot of business to the organization 

His striving nature to excel earned him accolades while the organization continue to gain every quarter.
Sameer is known for his optimism, zeal, enthusiasm and importantly, he is mentally prepared to take challenging roles to continuously excel.
His exemplary education certainly comes handy for our organization in learning things quickly with minimum mistakes.

I couldn’t have easily let him go, but he has to shift from Lucknow, on personal grounds, taking care of his family members in Indore (his home city) . I know him as a gem (no exaggeration) and he will equally prove to be an asset for your company too.

I will be pleased to get in touch with you, if you so desire.
Thanking You,
Your Faithfully,
Mr. X
Y Organization
(Your hand written signature, if you are giving hard-copy)
Date and Time

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