Where should I use “Over” and “Above” – An easy tutorial

Where to use OVER and ABOVE

Although both the terms “Above” and “Over” means at a higher place, yet I am telling you a very specific difference.

“ABOVE” is used in those places which is physically higher
The plane is ___a city
It clearly means, that the plane in its physically form is there above
If you want to use “Over”, then the sentence will change.

Now, I am writing in the following manner:-
The plane flew over the city
It means, that the place few from one part of the city to another

However, in the following sentences, both can be used.


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Let’s check the nature of such sentences:-

    • The movie is watchable for children over/above 13 years
    • The temperature in summers touch above/over 50 degree
    • Everyone these days value time above/over money


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