How will I write a letter to my uncle overseas telling him that I need an employment where he currently works?

Pankaj Uncle,
X country,
y city,

Dear Uncle,

I hope, you are doing good in X country and we all are good too.
I am quite pleased that while working in an esteemed organization, you have equally made the place as a second home easily by adjusting to the surroundings, food and everything.

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I want to share the news about the success in the recently concluded exams, as I have passed the exams with flying colors attaining the first position with ___ percentage.

My parents are also very happy and you will also be jubilant after knowing about my performance in the results and I am also very upbeat about getting a suitable job based, as I always wanted to.

As you know that it has always been the dream of elders including you and parents to give me the best education and here I am ready to fulfill the dreams of not just my parents.

Your little guidance and search for a suitable job in your current country, as per my capabilities, skills, experience and qualification will accomplish the dreams of everyone, while I will always be indepth to this sweet and beautiful gesture of yours.

Yes, you are familiar with the city and country and I am sure that you will know about any suitable job openings which may come up

I am pretty confident about getting a job, as I also have practical experience which will be an added factor.

You know my qualification and I am also attaching my resume with the letter (also mailing you).

I need the initial assistance from you and I am sure, that since you have always considered me as your child, I once again take this opportunity to thank you for being my biggest support and motivator after my parents.

The time has come when I am ready to stand on my own legs and I am filled with confidence, hope and enthusiasm. I need your prayers and support

Thanks a lot uncle
Yours lovingly,
Arpit Sharma

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