Application to the principal for rechecking examination

As you want me to write an application to the principal for rechecking examination, so you need to mention the following:-

* Mention which subject you want re-checking
* Why you want re-checking


The Principal,

XYS school,

Y Road,


Subject ( Requesting the principal to re-check examination paper)

This is Arpita Sharma of Class 8th- A , requests to draw the attention on a very serious,unavoidable and extremely important issue which is literally plaguing the hearts and minds of majority of class students.

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Yes, it has been a week, since the results are out and as shocking as it could possible get, most of the studious students including me were quite surprised about the results in the Mathematics subject.

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As many as eleven class mates including me were utterly shocked, disheartened and demoralised, after getting to know our poor performance in that specific subject

Sir, considering the long list of high-performing students who couldn’t believe their eyes, while checking the results, I therefore request you to kindly allow for the re-examination.
Yes, I had a personal chat with my class mates and all of us have the same opinion and desire to get it done as soon as possible.
Worst of all, the results are so demoralizing, that it is even affecting our current studies and may potentially further be a dampener to our psyche.

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All of us have full faith in the system and thanks to the wonderful teaching which we have been getting over the years, we know the fact, that we should always be motivated and hope for the best.
Yes, even you want us to get the fruits of our labor and we are hopeful, that you will readily agree to send the Mathematics paper for re-checking.

Sir, this educational institution has molded our personalities and continue to inculcate us with good habits such as “respecting teachers and elders”, “living a healthy life by being friendly to each other” and also we are told to “work hard to the fullest, success will follow”

Yes sir, we have already worked hard and we are sure that the results will be according to the same.
On behalf of my class mates, we request you once again to send the papers of Mathematics for re-examination.
Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,
Arpita Sharma
Class 8th-A
8th October, 2018

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