How should I write an apology letter to a professor for unprofessional behavior?

  • Apology letter to the Professor

The Professor,

City Montessori School,

Aliganj, Lucknow

Subject (Apologizing to the Professor for unprofessional behavior)


I am Arpit Sharma, a mechanical engineering student of last semester. I whole heartedly apologize for being childish and insincere through all these months for not able to take studies seriously.

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Yes, I accept that, I should have been more careful and sincere and dutiful while imparting my role as a student, especially under your guidance as a able and experienced professor

I also admit that you may have overlooked my childish behavior, but now I realise that it may have caused a lot of hardships to you.

I do admit everything and you being an experienced mentor with a vision to transform the lives of students, I sincerely apologize.

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I know that you are a role model for me and that your contribution and hard-work has helped to carve a niche for yourself in the education sector, across the city.

Sir, mistakes do happen and I accept them and I am hopeful you will forgive me

I want to assure you that I have become sincere and dutiful not just as a student but also as a human being. I am more caring and compassionate, loving and importantly now I have a vision and aim to achieve a respectable position in life.

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Kindly, give me one last chance and I want to promise as well assure you that you won’t be hearing or learning anything bad about me. Yes, you won’t be getting any complain from now on.

Sir, I have responsibilities on my shoulders , especially of my parents as they have sent me in such an esteemed college and I want to fulfill the dreams of my parents including you. I also promise that the immense prestige which this educational institution is known for, will be dearly maintained as well.

Please accept my sincere apologies

I am looking forward for your favorable response,

I will be highly obliged,

Thank You in advance ,


Arpita Sharma

Class 10th Student




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