Where to use “In” and “On” – 2 minutes tutorial


Where to use the preposition IN and ON?

  • We use “In” for time in terms of months, years, decades or centuries.For example,
  • In January,
    In 2018,
    In the last decade
    In 18th century
    I left college in May
    Saddam was born in August
    I will fly to Indonesia in AprilIN is also used with seasons:-
    He likes skiing in summers.
    The bird is sitting in a tree
    They enjoy playing cricket in monsoons.
    He always take a vacation in winters .


  • IN is also used with countries

  • He lives in Malaysia.
    The company is located in Morocco.
    She went to school in Afghanistan.

  • IN is also used with countries with city or town names:

  • He has a house in Algeria.
    I was born in India.
    He works in Pakistan.

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  • IN is also used with times of the day –

  • They wake up early in the morning.
    He goes to office in the afternoon.
    Akbar sometimes plays softball in the evening.

In is also used to indicate:

1. That someone or something belongs to or is included as part of something
• She used to play in a cricket team before, but not now
2. During a period of time, a season, etc.
• It happened in the 2018
3. At the end of (a period of time)
• I’ll be there in an hour or so, if possible .
4. How people or things are arranged
• They stood in a circle for two hours, which is indeed commendable


When to Use the Preposition “On”

Use “on” with specific days of the week or year:

  • Let’s meet on Sunday.
    What are you planning to do on Anniversary Day?
    He is going to take part in the match on March 5th.

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“On” is also used to indicate:

The part or object by which someone or something is supported

• How long can you stand on one foot all by yourself, without taking the help of anyone?
2. That something is attached to something
• He hung the painting on the wall easily all by himself.
3. Where someone or something is hit or touched
• I bumped my head on a low branch and I seriously bruised my forehead
4. The surface or part where something is seen or located
• There are marks on the wall and they look so ugly, in the freshly painted wall
5. The bird is sitting on the branch

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