How should I write a letter to win a scholarship

The X Institution,
Y Area,
Z city

Subject :- (Applying for scholarship)

Sir/ Ma’am

This is Arpit Sharma, a first year student doing post graduation in M.B.A from your esteemed university.  It brings an immense pleasure to tell you that I am the first person in my extended family who has got the opportunity to study for such a reputed course.

My family and I have always held the importance of education with high esteem. Its importance and utility was inculcated in me since from the beginning of my school life. Unfortunately, my parents in their earlier years of schooling couldn’t get the opportunity to get the best of education, even though they badly wanted and they still feel hollow right in their professional and personal life. However, with limited means, they have been giving the best of education even more than their capacity, and they have promised to do the same, till the completion of my education, so that I can actually achieve their dreams and give their hopes, the necessary wings for them to feel happy and blessed.

Additionally, I have been quite studious and have performed pretty well academically.  I have also played an important part in extra curriculum activities and represented your esteemed institution in interstate competitions by bagging the first prize as well.

Thanks to the exemplary teaching method, I have been able to grasp pretty well and has been a part of an active group both in academics as well as extra curriculum activities.

Likewise, as the classes are progressing with an increase in fees, my family is finding it very challenging to continue to send me in your esteemed institution.

My family has made many sacrifices and they are currently unable to financially assist me by paying tuition fees.

I am quite hopeful of accomplishing the dreams of teachers and parents and it is a matter of couple of years to pass from your esteemed college while getting a job in the process. I want to present myself for the scholarship and I will continue working with the same hard-work and diligence as before. I have grown up being told that service to the nation is the foremost aim and I want to serve my college and my country and its people with the support this college is providing to me.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Yours Faithfully,

Arpit Sharma

Pursuing M.B.A 1st year

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