Write a letter to friend about the Diwali celebration at your home


Dear Anil,

Hope, you are doing great, I am writing the letter to invite you to celebrate Diwali at my home. I am quite delighted to say that Diwali in Lucknow is exciting, lively and pollution free to an extent. I am sure, that you will be mesmerized by looking at the decked houses and colonies. Yes, the whole city looks so beautiful and colorful all through the night.

We will surely have fun and frolic together and the celebrations will surely enhance manifolds, as the colony friends join us

I also know that you have immense love of nature. Diwali is also the time, when winters would be knocking on the door which will be perfect time for us to enjoy the pre-winter season.

We will go to market to purchase crackers apart from sweets etc. Well, on Diwali’s eve, we will burst crackers. We will also roam and enjoy in the surroundings especially cool air, at this time of year. As responsible citizens, we will also do our social duty by requesting others not to gamble or drive while drinking

The awesome weather will be an added advantage for us to have a blast.

I am eagerly and excitedly waiting for your presence as we will surely rock.

Kindly confirm

Looking forward for your arrival

Give regards to uncle and aunty,

Yours lovingly,

Arpita Sharma


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