Writing a polite letter for additional Diwali bonus for extra hardwork

This is Arpita Sharma, a project manager in your esteemed organization, congratulates you on the successful completion of the project. This is a moment to celebrate as the stakeholders are more than happy by associating with us and have showered all the praise in the meeting held recently.

Being an experienced employee, as you know that I have performed exceptionally well. Luckily, those long hours of hardwork and overtime have finally yielded fruits. It is indeed satisfying and motivating to finally add another feather to the cap of the company.

Under your able guidance, I have demonstrated highly strong zeal, enthusiasm, capacity and potential to finish the project within the allocated budget, even before its stipulated time. Thus, giving an edge to the company, infront of investors who have been more than excited and motivated to see the results.

I am blessed to be continuously guided under your mentorship and that also includes, following on your footsteps with regards your vision.
I also appreciate all your “thank you”s  as well.

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The festival of lights is around the corner and this is also the time for me to spend time with my family members. Sir, as you know that over these months I have been away from family, either due to out-stationed professional tours or overtime in the office and the approaching festival gives me the reason to make up for the loss.

Yes, sir my family has been complaining of the lack of time which I have given to them recently. Your due care will help me to not just spend the festival with fervor but also help me to gift my members on this auspicious time of the year.

I have immense trust in your farsightedness and vision. You have always valued the concept of “Hard workers getting token of appreciation” and I am sure you would be taking due care in this regard by giving desired bonus to my efforts.

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My association with the company has been very fruitful, construction and awesome and I am really blessed to be working here. While taking company to new heights, I am hopeful to further take on new challenges in order to take the company to heights with every passing day.


Yours sincerely,

Arpita Sharma

Project Manager



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