Present Indefinite Tense – Structure based on IELTS Grammar

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Let’s start with Present Indefinite Tense 


Sentences with repeated actions are called Present Indefinite

He   + Works+ in a factory

For ex.

He works in a factory

They go to school

She drinks juice

The child eats food

The old takes milk


If the pronoun HE, SHE or IT is singular, then verb will also be singular

(Depending on the verb, we put “s” or “es” in a verb


For ex.

  • He goes
  • She studies
  • He sleeps
  • She drinks

Subject + Main Verb +Object


Main Verb


He Works In a factory
She Studies In university
I Work In a factor
The man Sleeps In the open



Negative sentences:-


Auxiliary verb


Main Verb


They Do Not sleep On mat
I Do Not Take juice
She Does not walk daily
They do not talk In office





Interrogative sentences

We use do / does

With He, She and it, we use DOES NOT

With I, we, you, they – Do not



Subject + Auxiliary Verb + Not + Main Verb + Object


I +do +not +eat + mango

They do not drink milk

She does not study

They +do + not +wash their clothes

He does not play with computer


Auxiliary Verb


Main Verb


Does He Play In the evening?
Do You Go To study?
Does She Knit Sweater ?

Does :-   He /She

Do:-   I, we, you, they

Auxiliary Verb + Subject + Main Verb + Object

DOES+ he +play ?

Do you go?

DO they sleep?

Does she talk?

Do they chat?

Do you gossip?




Interrogative Negative sentences

Auxiliary Verb + Subject +Not+ Main Verb + Object

Does+ she +not +play + guitar?

Do you not go out to play?

Do they go to office at 9o’ clock?

Does he like to eat banana?

Does she want to eat chocolates?

Do they want to do their homework?




Creating questions with WHERE, WHAT, HOW, WHEN , WHY



Wh/How Auxiliary Verb Subject Verb Object
Where Does He Go To school?
Why Do you Eat Ice-creams in cold?
How DO You Go To school?

We often hear from teachers and relatives , where they askFor ex.

Where does he go to school?

Where+ Auxiliary verb+ subject+ verb+ object

Easy way to form the sentence  (Where does he go to school?)

First create

He goes to school (Present Indefinite)


Does he go to school? (Interrogative )

Then add “Where” to Interogative sentence

Where does he go to school?

In the same way, all the sentences starting with






will be formed in the Present Indefinite



  • Where do they eat dinner in office?
  • What do you do?
  • Where does he go to play in the evening?
  • How do you go to school?
  • Where do they go for walk in the morning?
  • When do you eat supper?
  • Where does the old man take rest in the afternoon?
  • Why do you play alone ?
  • Where do the children sleep at night?



Always use

DO / DOES with singular subjects

Does he go?

Does Jack go?

Does Matthew sleep right now?


While using Does, don’t add “s” or “es” to verb

He plays (correct) Does he plays? (wrong)

Does he play? (correct)

She eats (correct) DOES SHE EATS? (WRONG)

Does she eat? (correct)



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Use of

  • Always
  • Often
  • Never
  • Usually

Such words never affect the verb


He always goes to school

They often come to visit me

She never smokes

They usually play here every summer



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