Letter of thanks to mother for giving surprise birthday party and inviting friends 

Letter of thanks to mother for giving surprise birthday party and inviting friends

Dear Mom,

I can’t thank you more for being the most loving, caring and awesome mom by making my birthday even more special

Thanks for taking out pains to make it such a grand and lavish event.  I can’t thank you more for the sumptuous dishes which were so mouthwatering.

It indeed proved to be such a memorable get together in the company of my friends while everyone enjoyed thoroughly.

I was the proudest son, especially when everyone was praising your efforts as you successfully manged to make the celebration worth memorable and priceless

I know that you love me a lot, and I also take this event as opportunity to apologize for those tantrums or naughtiness which I used to do, to make you sad.

I promise that from now on, I won’t be making you sad or disheartened in any manner.

Mom, expect me now to be your obedient son, who will always be there to give you smiles and make this beautiful bond of mother and son, even more special.

Now, with passing time, I have realized, how much you love me as you have selflessly sacrified so much, to make me what I am today.

It is time for me to repay back, in whatever way I possibly can.

Thanks again for such a pleasant surprise, right at the time when I least expected.

You rock mom 🙂

Your lovingly,



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