Request letter to the Principal to conduct workshop on IT sector

Request letter to the Principal to conduct workshop on IT sector

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Now, check the following letter


The Principal,

Y Designation,

Aliganj, Lucknow

Subject (Request letter to the Principal to conduct workshop on IT sector )


I am X (Your name) of ____ (mention class) request you to conduct a IT related workshop


As IT students, we are very thankful to the teachers for guiding us with the informative methods. All of us are very inspired by the ideology of teaching staff and every student wants to undergo a workshop which can give a practical and more constructive approach to the things we have learnt.

The workshop will indeed be highly inspiring and motivating. It will equally give a refreshing zeal of life.

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It will equally be a matter of great pride for the school which is known for best results and the students are upbeat.

The students need to enhance their motivational energy where conducting a IT related workshop will be the best remedy for them

As a student, I am already very honored to be a part of such an esteemed college and your introspection will be the best way to give the right motivational level, to all students.

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I am looking forward for your favorable response,

I will be highly obliged,

Thank You in advance ,


Arpita Sharma

Class ____ X college


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