Writing a meaningful THANKSGIVING letter to inmates

How do I write a meaningful Thanksgiving letter to intimates?

Letter of thanks to inmates

Dear All,

This is Mathew. I can’t thank you more for giving the most loving, caring and awesome company by sharing so much and have a great bond in the course of time.
Yes, that has been quite a pleasant shift away from the hard realities and circumstances which made us pay for those crimes.

Thanks for taking out pains for gelling so well.

It indeed proved to be such a memorable get together in the company of my friends while everyone enjoyed thoroughly.

I was the proudest friend, especially when everyone was praising me for being humble and down to earth, which I equally felt the same to each and everyone of you.

I know that you love me a lot, and I also write this letter as an opportunity to apologize for those tantrums or naughtiness which I used to do, to make you sad, in the process.

Thanks again for such a pleasant surprise, right at the time when I least expected.
I am starting a new life after ending my tenure and ofcourse realizing my mistakes.. I expect everyone of you to be equally law abiding where many of you will soon be ending your tenure.

Start life afresh and I request everyone to never repeat mistakes

You rock 🙂

Your lovingly,



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