Requesting Principal to give five days leave for attending sister’s marriage

Requesting Principal to give five days leave for sister’s marriage

Very important tip which many forget:-

Always send the invitation letter to the Principal (with the LEAVE LETTER) to attend the event. It works. 


The principal,

City Montessori School,

Aliganj, Lucknow

Subject ( Application to grant leave for five days due to attending marriage party of my sister)


I am Arpit Sharma student of Class 10th A, requests you to kindly give me leave for five days i.e from 12th December to 16th December, 2018

My sister is getting married and being a close family member, there is  loads of responsibility on my shoulders for addressing the needs of the occasion.  As per the necessity of the event, I will think of taking leave only if you accept my request.

Also, I am sending you the invitation letter  inviting you to attend the party

I will be highly obliged,

Thanking You,


Arpit Sharma
Class 10th Student




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