Writing a letter to DAD taking permission for excursion

Writing a letter to DAD taking permission for excursion


I am pleased to inform you about the exhibition of India’s freedom fighters being held in YZ Road, Nalakonda, Lucknow.

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Yes, as students where history is one of the main subjects, all my friends and I wish to go for an educational trip to the place for gaining an insight about our freedom fighters who have laid down their lives for the country.

Not just our class, but all the other sections of the class, such as A, B and C are equally excited to visit the place.

  • The visit won’t just give us insights about the importance of struggle and bravery, but will equally give us new found spirit of NATIONALISM and motivation and a a sense of belongingness for the country.
  • Additionally, I am sure, that the visit will help us clear the concepts of various moments such as Quit India Movement etc.
  • Also, it may well help us remember the dates of the events, as often we become confused of remembering them.

Yours lovingly,

Arpita Sharma,


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