Nicely written by Dina – Explaining few mistakes below

OK let me say that I am graduated from faculty of commerce in 2017 then after my graduation I applied for many jobs in my major as an accountant but unfortunately I was rejected
Because I don’t have any experience (fresh graduated)
Really I love English it’s my favorite language ever so I decided to improve it to work with my English in any major
There was a good offer to be an English teacher at language school for grade 2
I was applied there and I have worked in that school for 8 months
During my work I was recommended to teach the high grades there and I already tought grade 5
Although all the stress that I felt but really I enjoyed working there it was good chance and I benefit and learnt lots of things in teaching
Now I work in another school
And I hope to be in a better place soon inshallah😁😁





Am+second/third form of verb X

Say  :- I am graduated (correct)


Mistake – 2

Use comma, when required


Mistake – 3

Never use “BUT” and “Unfortunately” together

Use “any” of them

Mistake -4

Don’t say

I “was applid”


I applied



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