How to ask questions with “Has”, “Have” and “Did”

I am sure many of you will be confused while creating sentences with them
I will create sentences by guiding you step by step, so that you can get your concepts clear.

Let’s create sentences starting with “Has” and “Have” first


  • Have they reached home safely even uptill now?


  • Has he demanded capital punishement for the accused?


  • Has she received her notes to prepare?
  • Have they done their homework as yet?


  • Have you gone to your hometown to bring your ailing mother ?


  • Have you wanted to lead a better and charismatic life which is devoid of chaos, confusion and turmoil?


  • Have you asked me about the prospects of the job?


  • Have they completed the ongoing assignment ?


  • Has she read the story ?


  • Has he given his consent for starting the work, as I can’t start with it, without his opposition?


Auxiliary Verb subject Past participle
Have they gone
Has she slept
          Have they finished


It is important to read them in detail, then only you will be able to know them:-

Present Perfect Sentences are the ones which use Has/Have with the third form of verb


Subject Auxiliary verb Past participle
He has gone
They Have slept
You Have gone
  • I have gone
  • He has eaten food
  • The doctor has recuperated the patient
  • My mother has taken me to the school forcefully, after receiving complaints about me in school
  • They have read the whole will, only to find so many loopholes, thus putting a serious question mark on its authencity
  • The teacher has already announced the result of the exam and every single one of the students seem to be tensed, but not any more though after its announcement
  • My advocate has already warned me to be careful from the other party with their nefarious designs
  • Those cowards have done this barbaric and inhuman act, as killing innocents in the name of religion is the worst possible thing, I can think of


Let’s create present perfect negative sentences

Subject + Verb+not+ past participle (3rd form of verb)



Subject Auxiliary verb not Past participle
They Have not gone
She Has Not slept
I Have Not finished
  • I haven’t written the essay in my exam, as my English is very poor
  • They haven’t gone to their respective office today due to the fear of communal riots breaking out
  • My parents haven’t yet gone for holy pilgrimage, inspite of the fact that they could have easily gone uptill now
  • She hasn’t done the homework even though her parents tried to persuade her with chocolates
  • We haven’t attended the marriage party of my best friend, due to heavy rainfall
  • My teacher hasn’t got the notice from my parents as yet, of meeting her



How to ask questions with DID

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