Best closing ceremony farewell speech given by a junior to a senior in college

Following is the best closing ceremony farewell speech given by a junior to a senior in college


Dear respected seniors ,

Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening Everyone,

This is Mathew. I can’t thank you all for giving us the most loving, caring and awesome guardianship by sharing so much and having a great bond in the course of time.

This is a special moment for all us and personally, it means to me even more as this Farewell party is for our respected and honorable seniors  who hasn’t been just my best colleague , but my best friend as well.

Yes, you guys have shared your experiences of academic life and all of us are very thankful to you, especially me.

Unlike the perception which I had about you being bossy , turned out to be totally opposite. I really had so much of learn from you by having hearty laughs and pleasant times away from the occasional deadlines, pressures and challenges of the projects.

Thanks for taking out pains for helping us, whenever I came to anyone of you.

It indeed proved to be such a memorable get together in the company of my seniors while everyone enjoyed thoroughly.

I was the proudest junior, especially when everyone was praising me for being humble and down to earth. But,  I really felt the same for each and everyone of you.

I know that you guys love me a lot, and I also write this letter as an opportunity to apologize for any naughtiness which have done, to make you sad, in the process.

Thanks again for such a pleasant surprise, right at the time when I least expected.

My best wishes are with you. I wish you success for your future. It will be my honor to be in touch with you and I also wish everyone loads of success and happiness in the times to come.

Last but  not the least,

May you all prosper and grow with every phase in life.
Yes, don’t forget to invite me in your wedding 🙂
I will come even crossing thousands of kilometers too.

Best of Luck

Thanks everyone:)

Yours lovingly,



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