Write a Letter to the Computer Supplier Complaining Against Defective Delivery

As a computer lab assistant of your school write a letter to the computer supplier complaining against defective delivery. 


Computer lab assistant
XYZ High School
(Address to be noted)
Ref. No – S7821, Dated -20/11/20 

The Supplier
ABC Electrics Pvt. Ltd.
(Address to be noted)

Subject: Complaint against defective delivery


I would like to draw your attention to my order no. – S7821, dated – 20/11/20.I regret to inform you that after installation four computer desktops out of twenty are not functioning at all. Our technicians have detected some internal manufacturing defects. As per terms, it is your liability.

You are, therefore, earnestly requested to replace the defective desktops by the new ones or rectify the defects by sending technicians as early as possible. Looking forward to your prompt action.

Yours faithfully
Animesh Roy

Thanking You
Date: 07/12/20

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