Write a Paragraph on “Dowry System”

Write a Paragraph on “Dowry System”

The dowry system is an age-old custom that is prevalent in all the sections of our society. Dowry means handsome money, property, valuable ornaments, furniture, T.V and car which are given to the groom’s family as per their demand by the bride’s family at the time of marriage however the bride is beautiful, educated and skilled in house-hold work. It is an evil custom that is responsible for the untold miseries and sufferings to the newly married bride. Very often it is found that the poor parents who can’t pay the dowry at the time of marriage, promise to pay it later. But if it is not paid after marriage, the bride becomes the victim of torture by her husband and parents-in-law. The bride is physically and mentally tortured, forced to leave the house, or to commit suicide. Thus every year many women commit suicide unable to tolerate insult and torture. It is a matter of surprise that still in the 21^st century, this barbaric practice is going on. But also the women have the right to live in a society with proper dignity. To prevent this evil custom the Govt. has introduced the anti-dowry law but it doesn’t prove effective. To restore honour and dignity of the women they should be United and fight against dowry by changing the attitude and materialistic outlook of the grooms. Above all, effective laws and exemplary punishment are needed to root out this custom from our society.

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