Write a Paragraph on “CHANDRAYAAN-2” Mission

Write a Paragraph on “CHANDRAYAAN-2” Mission

The mission ‘Chandrayaan-2’ is a great achievement of the Indian space scientists. Although the mission was not successful finally, being an Indian we are proud of this experiment to conquer the domain of the moon. The mission was undertaken at 2:43 PM on 22nd July, 2019 from Srihari Kota, space center by the Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO). The module ‘Vikram’ was sent to the space with the help of a lander called ‘Bahubali’. This lander carried a river ‘Pragyan’ which was supposed to wonder about on the surface of the moon in search of water, possibility of life, natural resources and sent the relevant images to the ground space station. Previously so many countries sent chandrayaan to the North Pole of the moon successfully, but none succeeded to land the lunar South Pole. The chairman of ISRO K.Shivan was highly disheartened for the final failure of the mission, was congratulated, consoled, and even thanked by the honourable prime minister of India for their endeavor in space research. The module which reached to the orbit of the space successfully, finally lost communication with the ground station just 2.1 km from the lunar surface during its final descent. The ISRO scientists have feared that the module was damaged due to hard landing. The minor defaults for the final failure of the mission would not doubt help the ISRO scientists to rectify themselves for the future successful mission. 

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