Write a Report on ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ Campaign

Write a Report on ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ Campaign

Safe Drive save life campaign of Kolkata Traffic Police attended By ABC High School (H.S)

– Reported by Mouli Roy
(Class xii)

Salt Lake, Kolkata, 14th May 2020: Inspired by the ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ campaign of the West Bengal Government, Kolkata Traffic Police organized a campaign entitled ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ on 12th May 2020 with a motto to ensure road safety for all the people. Like so many schools of West Bengal, the students of class-XII of our school also participated in it. The programme was started at 9 AM on that day in Salt Lake. Mr. Kamolesh Debnath, in charge, and Mr. Manish Haldar, head constable of Kolkata Traffic Police gave their valued lecturers regarding road safety. They focused on our modern busy life for which roads have become an inseparable part of our journey to anywhere like – school, college, office, market, hospital, etc. But all of us don’t maintain the traffic rules properly. Very often the drivers neglect to use seat belts and the riders neglect to wear helmets. Even the traffic signals are not followed by everyone. As a result, the case of road accidents is increasing day by day. There was an audiovisual presentation in which it was shown that how so many people lose their lives every day due to irresponsible and reckless driving. The officers presented a very shocking statistic of road accidents. They pointed that, according to a road accident statistic, in India, every minute a serious road accident occurs, 15 people die every hour and 17 children under the age of 14 lose their lives due to road accidents every day. They also included that everyday 1210 road accidents take place only in India. Hearing the information, the students became afraid and shocked. Then Mr. Debnath gave a proper guideline to the students about road safety. He advised them to use zebra crossing while crossing the roads, follow traffic signals, wear helmets and seat belts. Then an amazing drama on road safety was staged by the Kolkata Traffic Police. Followed by that, a rally was carried out by the students and Kolkata Traffic Police with festoons where were some quotations like – ‘Safe Drive Save Life’, ‘Obey Traffic Rules’ etc. for public awareness. The entire campaign was over with the closing speech and vote of thanks to all the students by the in-charge of Kolkata Traffic Police. At last, refreshments were distributed among the students. Co-operation and active involvement of all made this programme a grand success. The footstep of Kolkata Traffic Police is really appreciative. 

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