Write a Paragraph on ‘Water scarcity’

Write a Paragraph on ‘Water scarcity’

Water scarcity is one of the greatest problems in the earth in recent time. Water scarcity means the non-availability of water to meet the basic needs of the people in a particular region. In India, the biggest cities like – Chennai and Mumbai are facing the acute crisis of water. Water which is an important natural resource sustains our life and helps us in various ways. But at present, for lack of water, the existence of human beings is on the way to extinct. In future, a time can come when the most valuable commodity of the world will be ‘water’. The normal life is being hampered for the crisis of water. Although the environmentalists have presented that climatic change and lack of rainfall are the major factors behind water scarcity, the excessive use of groundwater, the mis-management of drinking water and rapid unplanned urbanization after destroying water sources like – pond, ditch, and lake are responsible for water scarcity. Besides, due to the population explosion, the demand of pure drinking water has reached to its zenith. Some privileged person is using excessive underground water for commercial purpose. As a result, the underground water is running dry day by day. To prevent water scarcity and to ensure a continuous supply of drinking water, the water of the lake, river or pond must be purified and made fit for drinking. We must lessen our dependence on groundwater table for agriculture and domestic work. The rainwater must be reserved for domestic use. All sorts of illegal filling of the water sources must be stopped. We should undertake rapid afforestation to prevent climate change. Above all, proper awareness about the conservation of water should be created among the common people. 

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