Write an Editorial letter on the Growing Drugs Addiction all Over the Country

Write an Editorial letter on the Growing Drugs Addiction all Over the Country

Question: Write a letter to the editor of an esteemed daily expressing your concern over the growing drug addiction all over the country


The Editor,
The Statesman,
4 Chowringhee Square,
Kolkata – 700001

Sub:  concern over drug addiction


     Through the column of your esteemed and well-circulated daily, I would like to express my deep concern over the growing addiction to drugs among the young generation in India in recent time for favourable attention of N.C.B (Narcotic Control Byuro). 

         Day by day, the number of drug addicted people in India is increasing in an alarming rate. The young stars, school and college going boys and girls and even many celebrities of Bollywood are getting addicted to drugs like – heroin, brown sugar, cocaine for depression and sorrows. But we know it well that the consumption of drugs ruins one physically and mentally. Even it causes his untimely death. If the young generation who are the backbone of our nation are addicted to it, the nation would face the threat of decay. Although, the vending and the consumption of drug are going on in night club party openly, the narcotic control department is entirely inactive. 

      In order to save the young generation from addiction, all sorts of selling and smuggling of drugs must be banned. Besides, strict punishment is also urgent in this regard.

Yours faithfully
Manish Pandey

Thanking you
5 G.T Road

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