Write a Report on Weeklong Science Exhibition Organized By Your School

Write a Report on ‘Weeklong Science Exhibition’ Organized By Your School


Weeklong Science Exhibition Organized By ABC High School (H.S) 

-Reported by Priya Dutta

Howrah, West Bengal, 21st May, 2020: On the occasion of glorious Golden Jubilee of our ABC High School a weeklong Science Exhibition was held from 13^th to 20^th May in our school auditorium Hall with a view to create science mindedness among the students. Every day it was opened from 4 PM to 9 PM. Near about 35 models prepared by the students on science were exhibited. Even a motion picture on the expedition to Mars was exhibited with the help of a projector and giant screen. It was inaugurated by the renowned professor of science department of Tamralipta Mahavidyalaya. So many relevant and innovative models on science like – solar energy, greenhouse gases, solar lighting house, rainwater harvest, respiratory system, blood circulation system, energy generated from magnetic field, vigilance with the help of drone were presented by the students. To enjoy the exhibition, the enthusiastic students of our school thronged in the auditorium Hall. The senior students demonstrated the models to the juniors. The students were highly satisfied and their interest in science grew up to a great extent. Even it left great impact on the minds of the students. The most acclaimed model item no. – 20 about the vigilance with the help of drone was rewarded with a handsome prize. Even a quiz contest with the students on science was arrested. The entire exhibition was over with the closing speech and vote of thanks to all the model makers by the H.M of our school. Active participation and co-operation made the programme a grand success. 

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