Write a Paragraph on “Ragging”

Write a Paragraph on “Ragging”

Ragging is one kind of physical and mental torture found in the hostels and premises of medical and engineering colleges among the students. It is a great curse in the field of higher education. Although most of the senior students continue this evil practice out of fun or prank, but this is the cause of fear and terror to the freshers in the college. In this barbaric practice the Junior students are compelled to drink, smoke, lick hot iron, do insulting and humiliating activities like – crawling or wandering about in naked condition. Even their skin is burnt or they are forced to bath in cool water in cold night by the seniors. Sometimes, the limit of ragging exceeds and the new comers are forced to commit suicide or to give up their higher study forever. Thus the ambitions of many students are being nipped in the buds every year. Although the Government has introduced anti-ragging laws but it can’t be made effective. But if we want to make the way of higher education smooth and comfortable, this barbaric practice must be uprooted to give total protection to the students. Strict laws and exemplary punishments are essential to eliminate this ill practice from the academic field. Above all, proper awareness should be created among the students and trainees about the harmful effects of ragging. 

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