Write a Short Paragraph on ‘War’

Write a Short Paragraph on ‘War’


The word ‘war’ means bloodshed, slaughter, destruction, and ruin. So we can say that it is a great curse to all of us, not a blessing. War is destructive, not constructive. There are some people in our society who are hankering after power and pride. They want to keep up their dominance by treating others. Whenever someone opposes them, they fight against them and force them to surrender after causing huge damage and destruction. At present many nations are involved in modern warfare. The invention of cannon, missile, and nuclear atom bomb has made war much more horrifying and destructive. As a result, when any conflict or dispute is found, the nation’s declare war. As a result, thousands of innocent soldiers die, huge property is damaged, the normal life is thrown out of gear and the entire nation is turned into a crematorium. So, war is not at all helpful for the progress and development of the country. It only ruins the civilization and brings about untold miseries and distress to the common people. For example, the atomic explosion in the two cities of Japan during the ‘Second World War’ destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki completely. Japan had to struggle for years to reign its normalcy after a massive loss. We, the modern educated people can not support this evil barbaric act. If we want to survive on the earth peacefully and to prosper, we must uproot war at any cost. Let’s fight against it.

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