Write a Request letter for an A.C ambulance for the local health center

Write a Request letter for an A.C ambulance for the local health center

Question: Write a letter to the Chairman of your Municipality urging to provide an A.C ambulance to the local health center of your Ward for the welfare of the locality

The Chairman,
Tamluk Municipality Corporation,
Tamluk, Purba Medinipur. 

Subject: Prayer for providing an A.C ambulance for local health center


      Humbly and with due respect, I, the undersigned, an inhabitant of Ward no. – 17 under your Municipality beg to draw your attention to the following fact favour of your kind consideration. 

     The number of critical conditioned patients is increasing day by day in the primary health center located in our Ward. But as there is no Govt. ambulance service facility in our local health center, the serious patients can’t be shifted to the Cy Govt. superspeciality hospital around Kolkata on emergency basis. Very often, for the unavailability of public ambulance much time is wasted resulting the death of the patients. Above all, local people can’t afford private ambulance for being expensive. But if an A.C ambulance with modern amenities is offered to our local health center, people will be highly benefited. 

      You are, therefore, earnestly requested on behalf of the residents of Ward no. – 17 to grant an A.C ambulance for our local health center at your earliest and oblige. 

Thanking you,
Tamluk, Purba Medinipur.

Yours faithfully
Riya Dey
Resident of Ward no. – 17

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