Write a Paragraph About the Autobiography of a Pond

Write a Paragraph About the Autobiography of a Pond

The Autobiography of a Pond

I am a pond of about 3 acres located at the village of kharui in Purba Medinipur district. In 1999, I was dug up when there was acute scarcity in the village. At the time of my birth, my water was crystal like, pure and sweet. Everyone praised me for my charming beauty. My water was the playground of all species of fishes. I was so dear to the villagers for their favorite bathing place. The surrounding lofty trees and the floating of ducks on my water enriched my beauty. But gradually with the passing of time, I have lost my charm, purity, and usefulness. At present, I have become the victim of environmental pollution. For rapid urbanization, people now use the water of pumps for domestic work. For the cruelty of the people and their indifference to nature I have been turned into a stagnant pond. Most of the people throw garbage, waste plastic and dirt in my water. Even all sorts of drainage water is released into me. Presently there is no existence of fish in my water. I am the source of foul smell to my locality. Most of the people despise me for my ugly appearance. But they don’t think that they are responsible for my such condition. I am really shocked for my deplorable situation. I need urgent deformation. 

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