Write a Paragraph Describing your Experience of Visit to a Hill Station

Write a paragraph describing your experience of visit to a hill station


I have great fascination for the hills. The natural sights of the hilly regions always tempt me. During the last summer vacation, I had an opportunity to visit ‘Ghum’ railway station, the highest mountain railway station in the world. I along with my parents went to Siliguri by train and then reached the ‘Ghum’ station in a private car on 4th May, 2019. Our journey was so thrilling. The winding roads, the sharpe turn, the deep gorge on one side of the roads filled me with a sense of suspense and excitement. The lofty Pine trees touching the sky, the slops, the abundance of tea gardens and wildflowers on both sides of the roads charmed me much. After two hours of journey, we finally reached the hotel booked previously around ‘Ghum’ station. There we spend 2 days boarding the toy train, rope-ways, visiting Darjeeling museum, mountaining station, zoo, the temple of Buddha and many more. The charming sight of the rising sun that illuminated Kanchenjunga looked wonderful from the Tiger Hill. The occasional snowfall at ‘Ghum’ station, the chill wind and the realisation of standing on a heavenly like alter filled my mind and heart with immense joy. We spend every moment by experiencing new aspects of Darjeeling. Even If didn’t forget to taste their regional dishes and wear winter costumes. In a word, I had an unforgettable experience there. We left for home on the 3^rd day in the morning with the sweet memory of our visit difficult to forget. 

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