Write a report on ‘Educate The Girl Child’ campaign arranged by your school

Write a report on ‘Educate The Girl Child’ campaign arranged by your school

With the motto to create awareness among the people about the importance of the education of a girl child, our Bankura Union High School organized a campaign entitled ‘Educate The Girl Child’ on 11^th February, 2021 in the school auditorium hall. The school is located in an area where most of the people are illiterate and belong below the poverty line. They are not conscious about the education of their girl children and don’t send them to schools for the lack of money if they want to send them to schools. So, the teacers and the students of the school arranged this campaign with great enthusiasm so that they come to know about the importance of girls’ education. The teachers went to every house of the locality and requested the parents to join in this campaign. The campaign was started on the fixed date at 10 am and continued upto 01 pm. So many parents came to join in it. The campaign was started with the opening speech of the H.M of the school. At first, he thanked the parents for coming in the campaign. In his speech he mentioned why girls’ education is so important and what roles the girls can play behind the development of a country. The local B.D.O was the chief guest of the campaign. He also gave his valued speech regarding the schemes and amenities provided by the Govt. for the education of girls. The speakers mentioned the names of some female achievers in different fields like – Kalpana Chawla, P.T Usha, Indira Gandhi etc. Then the students staged an amusing drama on the importance of girls’ education. Then the campaign was ceremonially came to an end with the closing speech and vote of thanks to all the students and teachers by the H.M of the school. After that, the students took out a rally with banners and placars which carrying the messages like – ‘Beti Banchao Beti Parhao’, ‘Educate The Girl Child’, ‘Educate A Girl, Educate A Family’ etc. By the entire programmes, all the parents could realise why they should send their girl children to schools. They took the oath to send them to schools and thanked the teachers and the students for the whole arrangements. The effort of Bankura Union High School is really appreciable. 

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