Debate competition of School Report writing

An interesting debate competition has been held in your school. Write a report on it for a local magazine

Inter-school Debate Competition Host By Tamluk High School (H.S)

Tamluk, Purba Medinipur, 8th May, 2021: With the initiative of the District Education Department of Purba Medinipur, our Tamluk High School (H.S) arranged an interesting inter-school debate competition on 7th May 2021. The programme was inaugurated with the opening speech of the H.M of our school in school Auditorium Hall at 10:00 a.m.. 20 Schools of the district participate in this competition. The motion of the competition was – “If the students should join in politics or not from the college life”. There was a good arrangement of sitting in front of the stage. In the competition, 8 students from one school could participate. 4 students have to give their speech in favour of the motion of the competition and others have to give their speech against it logically. Every school was given 10 minutes for their presentation. Two professors of Tamluk college were the chief judges of this competition. After the presentations of all the schools, the judges announced the name of the champion school and it wasKola Union High School (H.S). The second and third place were occupied by Tamluk High School (H.S) and Jamitya Adarsha High School (H.S) respectively. Then prizes were distributed among the winning schools by the judges. There was the arrangement of meals for all at the end of the competition. Co-operation and active participation of all the students and teachers made the competition a grand success. 

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