Write a Letter on Price Increase/hike of Essential Commodities

Write a letter to the Editor of an esteemed daily expressing your concern over the soaring prices of essential commodities

The Editor,
The Statesman,
4 Chowringhee Square

Sub: concern over soaring prices of essential commodities


     Through the column of your esteemed and well-circulated daily, I would like to express my deep concern over the price hike of essential commodities in recent times which is the cause of utter distress to the common people.

      The price of essential commodities like – cooking gas, diesel, petrol, edible oil, onion, spices, meat and life-saving medicines is increasing by leaps and bounds day by day as both the central and state government have no control over it. As a result, the condition of poor and middle class people having low income is turning from bad to worse. They cannot afford square meals. For excessive price increases they cannot collect their needful things. Therefore they have to lead a very miserable life. If the situation persists they have to starve. The wrong economic policy of the government as well as the evil motive of the black marketers and stockists are responsible behind this high price.

         Under these circumstances, I appeal to the Govt. of India to take drastic action against black marketers and stockists for creating an artificial crisis and to control the price of essential commodities at the earliest for the comfort of the common people.

Yours Faithfully
(Your name)

Thanking you,
(Your address)

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