Write a Report on Rabindra Jayanti Celebration at Your School

Write a Report on Rabindra Jayanti Celebration at Your School

Rabindra Jayanti Celebration In Birbhum Zilla School (H.S) 

Birbhum, West Bengal, 8^th May, 2021: Like previous years, our Birbhum Zilla School (H.S) celebrated the Rabindra Jayanti yesterday in a befitting manner maintaining the guidelines of the precautions of covid-19. All the students and teachers participated in it wholeheartedly. The programme was inaugurated with the garlanding of the Statue of Tagore by the H.M of our school at 9 a.m.. Then all the students and the teachers paid their homage to Tagore by offering flowers to his statue. Next, all of them sang the National Anthem written by Tagore in corus. After that they attended a procession with banners and placards carrying the Immortal messages of Tagore and his portrait. Besides, the students were singing the Rabindra Sangeet in corus. After the procession, there was an arrangement of cultural programmes in the school Auditorium Hall. At first, the H.M of our school delivered a welcome address to all. Then both of the H.S and chief guest gave speeches on the life history of Tagore. In their speeches, they included his study life, his initiative of providing education in free nature, his achievements as a poet who became the first Nobel Prize winner in Asia. They also mentioned his contribution to the independence of India. He promoted the Rakhi Bandhan Utsav to protest against Bengal division, gave up the title ‘Knighthood’ given by the British and wrote so many stories, songs, essays against the British raj. After the speeches, there were so many cultural programmes like – recitation, singing, dancing in Rabindra Sangeet and an amusing drama ‘Daakghar’ of Tagore. The programme came to an end with the closing speech of the president of our school in which he advised the students to know more about Tagore’s composition and to follow his quotations to be a perfect man. Then refreshments were distributed among all. Co-operation and active participation made the programme a grand success.

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