Write a report on the plight of the Yash affected people of West Bengal

Write a report on the plight of the Yash affected people of West Bengal

Devastating Yash Hit West Bengal, Death Toll Over 128

Kolkata, West Bengal, 27th May, 2021: The unprecedented super cyclonic storm ‘Yash’ that hit West Bengal on 26^th May, 2021 caused massive destruction and threw the normal life of the state in Covid-19 situation out of gear. This cyclonic storm was formed on 20^th May, 2021. Gradually in a spinning way, it approached towards the coastal areas of Bengal and finally continued its ravage on 26^th May. Although this storm was anticipated so many days before and both the central and state Govt. made the disaster management department ready to cope with the situation, this cyclonic storm which lasted more than two and half hours at the highest speed of 240 km/h, caused and told plight to the people of West Bengal. As per primary report above 128 people became the victim of this calamity. Millions of houses were diamond, trees uprooted, low-lying areas inundated and all sorts of Communications were entirely disrupted. The worst affected areas were Purba Medinipur, North and south 24 Parganas. So many villages were submerged due to the collapse of most of the river embankments. The affected people were in utter distress. They were suffering from lack of food, medicine, shelter and pure drinking water. The rescue teams deployed by the state government started their relief work on a war footing. Besides West Bengal, Yash affected Jharkhand and Odisha in the worst way. The Prime Minister of India along with the state CM made an aerial visit to the Yash affected areas and one thousand crore was sanctioned instantly by the central Govt. as immediate compensation. Now the situation is improving gradually. 

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