Save Earth|| Write A Short Paragraph on The Fight For A Better Earth

Save Earth || Write A Short Paragraph on The Fight For A Better Earth

The Fight For A Better Earth

Earth is the only planet in the universe where we see the abundance of flora and fauna and all sorts of water bodies. This beautiful earth is going to lose its sacredness and purity for the greed of man, modern scientific invention and rapid industrialization. Global warming and pollution are the adverse effects of industrialization and the greed of the common people. For random settings of industries the emission CO2 and CO is causing the imbalance of O2-CO2 in the air. As a result, the fetal diseases like – cancer, skin diseases, asthma and breathing troubles are spreading rapidly. The throwing of disposal garbage and the chemical wastage of the factories into the water bodies reduces the purity of water and affects marine life. The thoughtless use of loudspeakers and microphone in various types of occasion affects the ecosystem and causes high blood pressure, deafness and mental disbalance. The waste plastic carry bags, cups and plastic bottles thrown into the soil instead of recycling, reduces the fertility of soil and prevents the growth of the tree. Above all, the excessive use of greenhouse gases like – CFC in cooling machines affect the ozone layer in the air, causing holes through which the harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun enters into the earth causing various types of diseases. So, it is clear that due to the excessive cutting of trees and too much industrialization and urbanization, our beautiful earth is going to face so many threats which is the cause of great concern to all of us. If we want to survive on this earth peacefully and to lead a healthy life and even to present the future generations a greener and pollution free environment, we should plant more and more trees, shun the use of plastic carry bags, set up eco-friendly industries, depend on alternative source of energy and above all creat awareness about the benefits of keeping the earth pollutionless. 

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