Write A Paragraph On Mid-Day-Meal Scheme| What Is Mid-Day-Meal Scheme

Write A Paragraph On Mid-Day-Meal Scheme| What Is Mid-Day-Meal Scheme


In order to promote the rate of literacy and to make primary education compulsory the state as well as the central government of India has undertaken so many schemes. ‘Mid-Day-Meal’ under ‘Sarba Shiksha Abhiyaan’ is one of such kind of schemes. The moto of ‘Mid-Day-Meal’ is to provide free lunch to the students of Govt., Govt. aided and Govt. sponsored schools from Class- I to XIII. Besides, it aims at primary education compulsory, reduce the number of drop-out students and attract the students to school yard. In India, many poverty-stricken parents can’t provide square meals to their children. But education in empty stomach is impossible. Therefore to reduce the burden of the poverty-stricken parents and to encourage them to send their children to school that project has immense value. Already great positive effect has been noticed. The number of students in school has increased and the rate of drop-out in school has reduced satisfactorily. But we can’t deny corruption and the demerits regarding ‘Mid-Day-Meal’. Very often unhealthy food is provided to the students. The students waste their valuable time in taking Mid-Day-Meal and become in-attentive to their study. Above all, mismanagement for the carelessness regarding Mid-Day-Meal is growing up day by day. Under the situation, I appeal to the Govt. of India to take special care so that Mid-Day-Meal can be conducted smoothly without hampering classes or learning procedure. 

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