Write an Essay on Superstitions

Write an Essay on Superstitions


Superstition means blind faith or unscientific thoughts. It is a great curse to the progress and development of a country or society. Superstitious believes are noticed among the illiterate and ignorant people living in the remote villages. For example, people lacking scientific knowledges, believe on baseless age-old belief. Still they consider the number 13 unlucky, believes in spirit, ghost and witchcraft. The hooting of owl, sneezing, the sight of black cat crossing the road, the howling of jackle are still considered ominous. Very often, people are found wearing gems or metals for protection, luck and calm-minded. The barbaric act of butchering the wild animals in the name of please the deties is still going on. Very often, it becomes the headline of the newspaper that patients after snake bite are taken to the ojhas rather consulting the doctor. All these prove superstitions, deeprooted in our society difficult to eliminate. Frequent science awareness programmes as well as the spreading of education are needed to uproot superstitions from our society. 

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